Inclusion webinar series: Talking about class in psychology

Webinar details

Talking about class in psychology was recorded in February 2021 and was the sixth webinar in the Presidential Taskforce series on Diversity and Inclusion.

Access to the recording is being provided for free as part of BPS Learn.  

This webinar examined how social mobility and class impacts psychology. In this webinar we looked at places of privilege and disempowerment and took a deeper dive into what this means, how it relates to psychology and what can be done to widen pathways and increase access.  

Suggested audience 
    • Psychologists 
    • Practitioners 
    • Lecturers
    • Programme directors 
    • Researchers 
    • Students 
    • Trainees 
    • General public  

By the end of the webinar you can expect to:
    • Gain an understanding of the issues and how background, class, and social mobility presents barriers.  
    • Look at how organisations including universities approach issues of social mobility and class barriers, and what courses/institutions can do to facilitate a better journey for people from disadvantaged economic backgrounds.  
    • Break down and further your understanding of the effects of discrimination.
    • Deepen your understanding around intersectional issues.