Strategies for tackling exam pressure and stress (STEPS)
Course overview

High levels of exam anxiety can be damaging to the wellbeing and academic achievement of adolescent students. Fortunately, brief and low intensity cognitive behavioural interventions have been shown to be effective in providing adolescent students with the skills to manage their exam anxiety. 

STEPS is a six-session intervention designed to support students who are studying for and taking high-stakes examinations.  This course will equip those working in schools and colleges with the knowledge and background to be able to effectively and confidently lead groups of students through this intervention. 

This eLearning course contains three modules and a range of supplementary materials to enable you to deliver the six STEPS sessions. 

What is the STEPS programme? 

STEPS is a six session intervention for exam anxiety that is designed for students who are studying for and taking high-stakes examinations. It was initially developed in 2011-12 by Professor David Putwain and colleagues. In 2014, it was trialled as a self-help tool with Year 10 and 11 secondary school students aged 14-16 years. Further evaluations took place in 2018 and 2021. These studies demonstrated that successful completion of STEPS was better achieved through delivery in small groups with a facilitator rather than as a self-help tool. As a result the programme was updated to use a facilitator-led approach with the aim of improving completion rate. The materials were then further refined in response to student feedback.

Is this course right for me?

If you are a teacher and part of the teaching staff working in a school or college supporting students who will be undertaking examinations then this course has been designed for you. 

Learning objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Identify which students would likely benefit from intervention for exam anxiety.
  2. Examine the root causes of exam anxiety.
  3. Apply the principles of cognitive behavioural intervention to highly exam-anxious students. 
  4. Deliver the STEPS intervention.
  5. Monitor student progress through the intervention.
  6. Evaluate whether students benefitted from intervention. 
  7. Implement the principles of effective group facilitation. 

This course is available in English only.


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This course provides approximately 2 hours of learning. You will need to allocate additional time to work through the material for the STEPS sessions before you facilitate the sessions.

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