Supervision skills
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99% of course users said they will apply what they learned from this course to their professional working and practice.


"The experience had a profound impact on me as it gave me the space to reflect on the niche set of qualities and skills supervisors need to provide meaningful experiences for their supervisees.” 

                                                      Katie Crabtree, CPsychol (quote shortened) 


Course overview

Supervision is a crucial component of practice as a psychologist. It enhances the quality of service delivery by enabling the development of ethical, effective and reflective practice in the supervisee. Supervisors need to be equipped with the skills to perform the role effectively and confidently.

This course is designed to provide you with a grounding in the knowledge and skills required in order to supervise. You will cover topics such as:


  •  models and frameworks of supervision,

  • professional and regulatory frameworks,

  • methods, techniques, and responsibilities,

  • feedback and evaluation, and

  • health and well-being.

The course consists of a set of eLearning modules and two online interactive workshops. The eLearning will take approximately 4 hours, although the advantage of online learning means that you can pace your study to suit you. We also provide links to supplementary reading which will extend your learning. You can break off at any time and resume when you are ready. Each workshop lasts for three hours. The live workshops are organised to take place once per month, with the Workshop One at the beginning of the month, and Workshop Two approximately 2 weeks later. All workshops are available to book as soon as you start the programme. The next set of dates are below (subject to change). Workshops will be available throughout the year so do not worry if you are unable to attend the dates listed – more dates will become available. Please note that your workshop places are only secured once you book onto the workshops after enrolment to the course.  

Workshop 1              Workshop 2
Tuesday 9 April 2024 Tuesday 23 April 2024
Friday 3 May 2024 Thursday 23 May 2024
Tuesday 11 June 2024 Tuesday 25 June 2024

Once you have completed the course, you can check your eligibility and apply to join our Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS) in recognition of your achievement and to offer your services to trainees and colleagues who may be seeking a supervisor.

In addition to the site policies this course is subject to additional terms and conditions.

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Is this course right for me? 

If you are a practitioner psychologist or part of the wider psychological workforce and would like to develop and enhance your supervisory skills then this course will support your development.

You may have recently qualified as a practitioner psychologist or be in the early stages of your professional career and want to start supervising, or you may be more established in your career but would like to gain formal recognition of your supervisory skills. It may be that you are required to supervise trainees as part of your job and need to fulfil the criteria for the role through completion of accredited training and entry on RAPPS.

You may also be a part of an allied therapeutic profession with a wish to enhance and further develop your supervision skills.

Our accessibility statement gives more details on our approach. 


Learning objectives

By the end of this course you will 

  1. have an organisational awareness of the context within which the work being supervised is provided
  2.  have knowledge of the relevant legal, ethical, professional and regulatory frameworks
  3. have an understanding of the inherent responsibilities of supervisor and supervisee
  4. have an understanding of the importance of a safe environment in facilitating learning
  5. have an understanding of the factors that affect the supervisory relationship
  6. have knowledge of supervisory frameworks and developmental models of learning and reflection that promote a constructive supervisory relationship
  7. have knowledge of contemporary developments and practice within supervision with reference to the evidence base
  8. promote self-awareness, reflection, health and wellbeing in the workplace
  9. promote equality, inclusivity and diversity in supervision and practice
  10. develop and maintain a supervisory alliance
  11. have skills in contracting and negotiating with supervisees and other supervisors
  12. recognise and act within the limits of sphere of competence and focus on ongoing development needs in terms of training and/or support as a supervisor
  13. have skills to adapt supervision approach to the level of competence and needs of the supervisee
  14. have skills in providing constructive, meaningful and relevant feedback to address development needs of the supervisee
  15. have skills of using a range of supervisory approaches, methods and techniques
  16. have skills in modelling of the professional role and ethical/legal practice (e.g. managing boundaries and power differentials)
  17. apply techniques and processes to evaluate supervision, including eliciting feedback
  18. demonstrate competence in the evaluation of the supervisee


Which is the right supervision course for you? 

There are two types of registration available for our Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS), general registration which has a wide application, and registration to support candidates on BPS Qualifications. Please use the FAQs below for guidance when deciding which course best suits your needs.   

I want to be on RAPPS

Supervision skills is a blended learning course with eLearning modules and live workshops which covers all the requirements needed to join the RAPPS register.

I am on RAPPS and I want to refresh and update my knowledge

Supervision skills refresher is the perfect course for those who are already on the RAPPS and joined before the learning outcomes were updated in November 2020.

I want to be on RAPPS and become a BPS Qualification Supervisor

You will need to complete the Supervision skills course in order to join RAPPS, and then contact the Professional Development Delivery Team at who can advise you on what you need to do in order to join the register of approved qualification supervisors. 

I am already on RAPPS and I want to be a supervisor for a BPS Qualification

Please contact the Professional Development Delivery Team at who can advise you on what you need to do in order to join the register of approved qualification supervisors.

I am not on RAPPS and I want to be a supervisor for a BPS Qualification only

Please contact the Professional Development Delivery Team on to join the register of approved qualification supervisors.

I want to develop my approach to supervision but I do not need to be on RAPPS

We recommend taking the Supervision skills course as its blended approach which includes eLearning, workshops and supplementary reading will give you a well-rounded learning experience and a chance to reflect on and share your experiences with other supervisors.

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